Project summary
The Bill comparison tool allows energy customers who are looking to switch supplier to upload their utility bills through an intuitive interface. The user is then presented with a personalised rate comparison, highlighting any potential savings and incentivising them to switch.
The simple UI seamlessly guides customers through the journey from awareness to conversion.
My role: UX Lead throughout the project, from workshop facilitation and user research to Interaction Design.

Service design blueprint
After initial stakeholder immersion sessions, a customer journey was drawn-up, highlighting touch-points encountered along the way. This also uncovered pain- points, opportunities and technical considerations.

User research 
To create user archetypes, potential 'switchers' were recruited and interviewed to gain a deeper insight into their needs, frustrations and motivation to switch. A short survey was also conducted and analysed alongside site analytics, to provide qualitative insight into their behaviour with online tools.

Customer journey storyboards
The hypothesised design concept was then storyboarded to help visualise the key steps required to provide a seamless service.

User flows
The user archetypes and storyboards were combined into detailed user flows, highlighting the golden path to achieve the task. 

Design concepts
A variety of potential design solutions were explored to meet business requirements and user needs. 

Prototypes and usability tests
The best solutions were pulled together in Axure as interactive prototypes. These were then tested against the user tasks to determine the preferred solution.

Optimisation and visual design
The UI was refined to meet user feedback before the brand layer was applied through visual design for final testing prior to build.

A market first in the Australian energy sector, the bill analysis tool was successfully launched in 2016, and serves as a key acquisition tool for Momentum.

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