A Facebook Canvas campaign that acted as the social centrepiece for 'Girls, Make Your Move', The Australian Federal Government’s new initiative to get young women moving.
My role: Design Planning, Canvas Concepts, Digital Art Direction, Copywriting, Visual Design, Video Editing, Build.

The 'tilt to explore' photo feature rewards users with hidden content, such as quotes.

User research and campaign objective
‘Girls, make your move’ was Inspired by Sport England's successful 'This Girl Can' initiative and developed in response to research conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and TNS Australia that showed young women are only half as active as young men. This social campaign supports several commercials and print ads, targeting young women between 12-19 by encouraging them to be more physically active.
Rather than preach at them to lose weight or be of a particular body shape, it features diverse women engaging in a range of activities encouraging exercise for fun, challenging the prevailing messages young girls tend to receive about their bodies.

To align to the campaign strategy, the tone of voice in the messaging would be purposely fun and encouraging but not forceful. Inclusive imagery would also be also used depicting diverse settings, body shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Design and build
In total 5 different Facebook canvases were created, each with a different theme from Indoor activities to beach fun. Each canvas aimed to reach out to different audience segments within the target 12-19 age group, reminding them of the diverse range of activities available and encouraging them to get involved.

Immersive content
The canvas creative featured a loose narrative taking advantage of the platform's features by leading the user through a combination of immersive videos, tilt-able panoramic shots, swipe-able image carousels and call-to-action buttons. These link to the campaign website where more information could be found including events and local initiatives.

Videos were edited into portrait aspect ratios providing an immediate immersive experience by taking up the entire viewport.
So far the campaign has been praised by the media for its positive tone and the inclusion of young girls with different abilities, backgrounds and body types. 

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