Project overview
With 25+ independent dealerships across Australia, Porsche were having difficulty maintaining brand consistency on their communication material going into market. Managing the marketing needs of all the dealerships was becoming difficult and time consuming. 
Porsche wanted to optimise its governance of these dealers to improve consistency, but also empower them with tools to improve time and efficiency of dealership marketing activity.

As UX Lead, working closely with a BA and Producer, we took print online and built a centrally located intranet portal. The portal houses all the Porsche guidelines, event calendars and a custom ad submission process linking straight through to the print studio.

Stakeholder and user Interviews
I kicked off the project by facilitating workshops and interviews with the marketing team and dealership representatives to see how they operate and understanding of the problems at hand.
This helped to formulate a feature set to meet these needs.
Sample interview questions

Information Architecture
A card sort exercise with user representatives helped to understand how dealer expected content to be categorised and labelled. This formed the backbone of the detailed IA and site map.

Wireframes and functional specifications
Detailed wireframes were produced with interactions documented and pulled into an interactive prototype for testing.

For user familiarity, pre-existing group portals were evaluated to find simple UI patterns to re-use and adapt, such as the style of the navigation dropdown and iconography.

Notifications of changes/updates can be monitored on the dealership welcome page message board.

Automated press listings comparatively reduce margin for error to the previous excel template/email updates.

Templates can be located by name through a 2 tier dropdown or visually browsing thumbnails.

Guidelines are listed in a directory, alternatively specific content could be searched for.

User testing
Guerrilla user tests were conducted with 10 participants using an interactive prototype to measure completion of the most important tasks.

Prototype user testing and feedback synthesis.

Design iterations
Common feedback and usability difficulties, such as label confusion and the placement of error and validation messages were addressed to improve the experience.

The press listing form was restructured and relabelled with common terminology used by dealerships.

Visual design
Pre-existing style guides and brand assets were used to bring the portal to life.

The log in screen showing interactive link states

The beta portal was built and launched for trial with dealerships, generating positive feedback on the improved management and speed of find-ability and creation of marketing assets.
Marketing governance has greatly improved with the Group Marketing team recording a 30% decrease in time spent on dealer communications. In turn, dealership administration time decreased by more than 60% on an average week
Future optimisations
The portal will continually be improved over time to reflect dealer feedback, with product features being extended to cover areas outside of local area marketing.

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