Campaign overview
A digital advertising campaign, tailor-made to suit online and outdoor channels in a unique and engaging way by trapping characters from the campaign's TV commercial within the media itself, waiting to release their unfulfilled business ideas. This allowed the campaign to remain consistent whilst playing to the strengths of each platform.
My role: Digital Concept, Digital Art Direction, Design Planning.

The challenge
With all the day-to-day tasks a business owner has to deal with, it can be incredibly hard for them to focus on their long-term goals and dreams. This means that a lot of great business ideas end up never happening, forever stuck in limbo.  
Our challenge was to develop a digital campaign to support the launch of the new Business Banking TV commercial, ‘The Land of Forgotten Business Dreams’. The TVC offers business entrepreneurs a chance to make their business ideas a reality with the support of Westpac's new business advisory service.

The solution
Rather than taking the common approach of re-purposing TVC footage to work online & outdoor, unique footage was filmed, extending the story of the characters and bringing them to life in a way that better suited the medium.

Characters from the TVC were physically trapped in limbo within the media unit (online banners/outdoor billboards), waiting for their business ideas to be released. For maximum impact, they were filmed as true to life-size as possible, squeezed up against the confines of the ad unit.

Digital outdoor advertising
Characters were displayed in 7 second loops across a variety of outdoor advertising formats and environments including airports, malls and gas stations.

Display advertising
The characters also came alive online, trying to escape from MRECs, leaderboards and skyscrapers situated on key business websites.

Filming the content
With a wide array of media space booked, each with a different duration, aspect ratio and physical size a lot of planning was required to create the most impact for each medium.

A custom built stage was setup with a green screen and the perspex panel marked out to achieve the ‘actual size’ look. Storyboards were also created to help direct the characters, producing a wide range of convincing waiting sequences. The best 7-30 second sequences were then keyed-out in post production and placed inside their ‘trapped’ ad unit containers.

The outcome
What resulted was a unique, integrated campaign that provided cut-through by doubling engagement in the digital channels, producing a much higher click-through rate to the campaign microsite than previous campaigns.

Campaign Credits
TVC Concept: Mike Fritz & Chris Hanrahan
Digital Concept: Mark Seabridge & Steven Skrekovski
Digital Creative Director: Steven Skrekovski
Digital Art Director / Designer: Mark Seabridge
Animation & Motion: Danny Masalkovski & Damian Dunne
Producers: Charlie Crang & Tuesday Picken

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